Be Just and Fair!

There are certain facts of life that cannot be ignored. We leave in a world that is unfair and full of uncertainties. With people who can be your best friend but who may become your enemy in a second. Some may be so unfair and inconsiderate, who seems to want to rule the world. I am not perfect nor I am that good but each day I learn to be more aware and sensitive to the other people and the difficulties they faces. To treat each people with a respect and compassion, thinking that each one of us are carrying our own burden so we need to be more selfless. Yes, indeed people around us teach us lessons sometimes too vague to comprehend. There are some who for selfish reasons rather be selfish than being just and right. Narcissism will never take you far from what being true to others and even your self. Before any decisions are make mark in your mind to always place a just and fair understanding to the situation not because you have to but because you ought to, not because they are your friend and you aren't. You say you are who you are and those friends you are with. Yet, thus the friendship true meaning exist when others are being belittle and scorn? Do you want to be treated fairly? or you just don't give a damn at all?!!!!

Certainly we have our own set of different personalities, some may not like by others or similar grounds bind you somehow. Yet, it doesn't necessarily mean that if two people differs in opinions and belief should be ignored and be unwanted; nor it should be belittled and scorn. Why won't you give a chance to know the person before judging them?! Above all learn to be just and fair to those who you may seem to have different perspective and personality; after all they deserved to respected like you want to be too. If a person reaches out their quintessence to you regardless if you differ in some aspect of life should be acknowledge and be thankful that you are being given importance. Weigh things equally and rightfully before making a decision. Learn to duly think of the consequences of your actions if you are not stepping to anyone's foot or may vitiate their feelings. The Golden Rule of Karma always prevails; what you don't want others to do to you never inflict that to them too. Be JUST and FAIR if you want others to be do the same to you!!!!

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