Cold Hearted

Why are you so inconsiderate, cruel, and unfair?! Why do you treat us like this?! You always think about just yourself, you never think the pain you inflict to someone else. Your too high to reach, your to strong to tame, the price we pay just to avoid chaos in our place; belittled by you and your such a disgrace. If you think you are right and we are wrong why do you still have to scorn us all along?! Is it right to be unfair to someone who keep their pain in silence for the greater good?! If you are all right could you just please don't crashed us and inflict this unfair treatment?! I am sure your conscience doesn't make you sleep nor keeping your so called friend make you a better person. What is the essence of having what you claim to be your truest friend when you belittle someone else for the sake of them?! Is it right or unfair?! Be true to yourself on what you have done am sure if somehow you have a conscience you would understand but if your a low person with a fierce, unfair, cruel personality then I pity you, you don't have a heart!!!!! Your such a cold hearted!!!!

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