waiting again..

It's been quite a while since I wrote something here. Not much change happens this past weeks yet I can say somehow the burden I carry lessens. Last February 4, 2010 I had hysterosalphinogram a procedure done to check your uterus through xray to see if you have blocked tubes or other problem 'causing infertility. I was so scared and there was a lot of things that comes in mind most of them are negative thoughts.I have asked so many families and friends to pray for me. The night before the procedure I prayed all the novena's I have and thankfully everything is well. My RE told me to take each day one step at a time and that we should try conceiving without any medicine help, do it the natural way. I am again waiting in vain. Yet, somehow the burden is lessen knowing that my uterus and tubes are normal. Thank you to all the angel's and saints most especially to Mama Mary and Papa Jesus. I will wait with the strength and optimism that sooner my prayers will be granted.

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