Farewell Dear Friend

Suddenly the world seems lonely and pain shadows every smile.
I heard a devastating news today a friend has lost his life.
He was young, enthusiastic and full of pride.
Where did his smile went?It has brought tears in our eyes.

           It is better to lose someone over distance and time than losing them with death for a lifetime. The hardest and most painful tragedy a person can face is losing a love one by death. Indeed, our life is just borrowed but wouldn't it be nice to live that life growing old and when you can say I have enjoyed living my life.? When you have died not by the hands of irresponsible and shameful individual.?  I have only met monching way back my college life I think he was then just a teenage boy who enjoys his life. Often times I would hear his sweet laughter and  silly jokes; those innocent act with so much pride. Looking back at those times I suddenly  felt crying. We shared little time together yet I have felt this excruciating pain when I heard he died. Maybe because he has made a  great impact and leaved a remarkable mark in my life.

          The compunction of losing a love one is immeasurable. Though time can somehow mend those broken hearts their memories lingers forever within you. I know 'cause losing two most important people in my life still brought infinite grieve to me. How can we measure their true essence of living? Guess, it is when even by death those that remain living will forever remember all the good and kind things they have done. That amidst time their memories lives in every breath we take and the beating of our hearts. I can only offer sincere prayer to my departed friend. A prayer that will lead him to his peaceful solemn solace and justice may be served. Farewell dear friend your memory will always remain.

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The best revenge is a vow to never be like the one who hurt and thinks ill of you.

     We live in an imperfect world, a world were people have different opinions, beliefs and interest. In those differences we have choices, to either be fair and just or be vicious and noxious. Adverse notions can be reasons for misconstrue yet it should never be a reason for unjust and amiss behavior. The person you portray in front of each different individuals reflects the true colors of your heart. One should always try to comprehend the situation before jumping abruptly into any conclusion. Regardless of  the difference between two individuals when both bequeath each other the benefit of the doubt, they can coincide in one amicable living. A person with a conscience always thinks between being just or fair in spite of the antithesis in between. Deflect vengeance and thinking ill about other people. Remain open minded and fair, learn to adjust and thrive to live in a peaceful co existence. After all those difference would be one reason for RESPECT to flourish. Elude those assumption of power tripping or pride elevating. As long as the other person does nothing to harm you; in return is the same righteous act will be given to you.

             Gossiping and making up stories should be eradicated. People need to show  some compassion and give chances for others to prove themselves. Better ask yourself if what you are doing is just and fair?If those reasons you have are enough to treat them unfairly and disdainful!? What if others would do the same egotistic act to you?What would you feel?! Those selfish reasons and condescending acts, what fulfillment do you get from it?! Is it just because that's what friends do? Be as one,despite the wrong doings they inflict? Regardless if those other individuals are not your friends nor an enemy as long as they try to show you respect and understanding you should do the same too. The world is literally small let us not antagonize more reasons for it to shrink and build walls.

Respect is being earned not because you are just friend but it is well  define when your not-so-called friend still gives that respect despite those differences.

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Hand of Jesus

Ang Kamay ni Hesus or Hands of Jesus is one of the top Lenten destinations today here in the Philippines. Last April my husband and I together with our God Parents  came over to visit this place.  Here you can find the largest life-sized image of Jesus Christ on top of a mountain with his hand open wide.

Hundreds of thousands of people flock each year especially in Lenten Seasons during Good Friday and Easter Sunday to attend the mass and take the 300 steps of  the 14 stations of the cross and hills of holy rosary  to the holy mountain in Lucban Quezon until you reach the top and finishes the station of the cross.  One of  the century old religious tradition by Filipinos are what we call Bisita Iglesia or Visiting Churches.

We were very excited to visit this amazing place. One reason is that we wanted to pray and ask our Heavenly Father to bless us with a child of our own. It is one amazing healing place and rosary hill which we took the 300  steps until we reach the top of the mountain. Out of our amazement we got tongue tied and wasn't able to pray the rosary or the station of the cross. But as we saw each statues of the station of the cross we try to pray our own personal prayers and attended the mass after.

Please know that this are only few pictures I took and it doesn't necessarily elaborate all the stations of the cross or the correct sequence.

This is the gate to the pilgrimage. They call it Garden of Eden

When we went there they were building Noah's Arch.

The Last Supper 

First Step but my eager husband went for a quick leap to the reach the top while I gasp for air and sweating profusely; but each step was worth it seeing the beautiful scenery and absorbing the solemnity of the place.

A shot of the church around 30 steps going up.


One of the many statues on the way up of the hill which is based on the station of the cross.I think this one us when the soldiers captured Jesus Christ.
This one is the crowning of the thorns to Jesus Christ.

                                                                        Jesus Carrying the Cross.

When Jesus Stumbles down carrying the heavy cross. He took this sacrifices for our sins to be forgiven

                                                                                                                              Almost at the top. :)
    Mama Mary Queen & Mother of Heaven and Earth



Jesus being nailed in the cross.

Yes, We made it at the top. Every step is worth it to reach this solemn place. I would love to go back there as much as I could. I wanted to go to religious pilgrimage not just because I am asking for something but most of all to give homage and appreciate  what the LORD has sacrificed for us. Hoping that we could do it as much as we could. 

Here are some statues of the saints too.

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Part 1 of my Favorite Things

First: Bible
Second: Rosary
Third: Novena Prayer Booklet

Faith has been one of my armor in this battle over infertility and life in general. I carry a little bag of religious items in my purse. A bible, rosary and some  novena prayers for different saints. As much as possible I try to read the bible and pray the rosary everyday. When adversity's and confusions over rides my life I turn to HIM as my Father who will help me understand and overcome such uncertainties. I know my faith is being tested right now. Yet, though sometimes barriers tend to weaken my faith it will not be distorted. 
Let me share with you my favorite saint. Saint Jude  Thaddeus. You can visit the link:


What is a novena?
A novena is the reciting of powerful prayers and devotions for a special request over nine consecutive days.  Traditionally, a novena included praying, fasting, and meditating.

Do I have to be Catholic to make the novena? Do I have to be religious?
No! You only have to be someone having a difficult time coping with one (or more) difficult problems in your life that do not seem resolvable on your own.  You're human! It's alright to be overwhelmed sometimes.

How often and for how long should the novena be said?
Traditionally, the novena prayer is said for 9 days.  The 9 days signifies the 9 days the early Apostles prayed together during the time between the Ascension of Jesus, and Pentecost, when they experienced the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.  However, there is no hard and fast "rule" for praying; it is best if you adopt a series of prayers and a rhythm for saying them that is comfortable for you and allows you to open a dialogue with God. 

What prayers should I say? How do I say them?
Your goal when praying is to focus your heart, mind, and body on communicating with St. Jude.  Praying is best done alone and in a quiet environment.  Start by closing your eyes, then describe your special need, and make a heartfelt request for St. Jude to intercede on your behalf to help it be realized.   Your prayer can be as simple as "St. Jude, please help me with (insert your request)", or if you prefer, choose one from the  St. Jude Prayers  section where you'll find a collection of inspirational prayers used by others.  You should then follow your St. Jude prayer by saying 3 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary, and 3 Gloria prayers. These can also be found in the St. Jude Prayers section.  Although not required, many people also find that meditating and/or some type of fasting during the 9 days provide extra comfort and strength when saying the prayers.  

What should I expect to happen?
A novena to St. Jude has never been known to fail for those who maintain a strong posture of faith that God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes for us.  For some people, by the end of the 9 days, they will see some visible, concrete proof that their request has been granted.  For others, they may receive something that is not what they asked for, but turns out to be what they REALLY needed at this point in their lives.  And for others, they may experience a newly-found feeling of hope and peace of spirit, that brings with it the sense that they ARE NOT GOING THROUGH THEIR DIFFICULTY ALONE. The beautiful power of the St. Jude novena is that people can have their requests answered in ways or times they may not have expected.  The important thing is to believe that you WILL experience a change, and don't despair if you do not receive an instant answer.  Often the path to finding true healing of mind, body, or spirit is a process that will only be fully visible and appreciated after an extended period of time.  Praying to St. Jude is the first step in that process.

Whatever you do…


Cathy, Yhaz and I went to Saint Jude Thaddeus shrine in Manila around October last year. The transportation from our work to the church will take an hour and half (including traffic) and we were then just commuting. I was then on a night shift so I made a sacrifice of having less sleep and to beat the heat and traffic just to show our devotion to him. A solemn place of serenity and comfort that is what I can describe the feeling I felt the first time  I went there. We tried to be there 9 consecutive times that would be every Thursday of the week. But because of my work schedule only Cathy had finish the novena for 9 consecutive weeks. I was absent maybe 4 times yet I became a devotee of Saint Jude Thaddeus since then.

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Rizelle's Birthday

Currently I am working on a night shift in a hospital. Today, we celebrated one of my good friend and colleagues birthday. One of our dear security guard help me find some food to buy so that we can have a little surprised birthday celebration for her. The nearest food outlet is Mc Donalds so we bought some spaghetti, cola and some bread. It was just simple celebration but it comes from our heart. She was so surprised and cried over the heartwarming action that we did. Happy Birthday again Ate Rizelle. May the Lord Bless you a good health and happiness for a lifetime.

Courage, I have come to understand its true meaning seeing it illuminate with in you. Despite all life's circumstances and adversity I have seen you standing and fighting those battles with an optimistic mind. The rough roads you have face... has never made you back down and gave up. Instead you have walk down that road with confidence and faith knowing that at the end of that road is a treasured palace of peace and prosperity. Seeing you go through that taught me lessons of courage and strength. Your kindness is immeasurable, you love for baron is unconditional, your faith is unbreakable and your friendship is undeniably genuine. You are like our older sister who always tries to apprehend us when we make mistakes, encourage us when we are down, appreciate us in we are good and always being there for us no matter what life holds. At times when you feel that the world has forsake you or why this adversity take a strike on you; know that because HE knows that you are strong and your courage and faith will lead you to learn lessons that will bring you the solace you have longed. Thank you for being true, for telling me when I am wrong, for teaching me lessons about love, life, just for being someone I can lean on and for simply just being you. I thank GOD for allowing me to met someone like you. May The LORD Bless you with a lifetime of good health and happiness. Above all I wish you unyielding strength and faith. Happy Happy Birthday Ate Rizelle. Love you.

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My Favorite Quotes

-*-*-Here are some of my favorite quotes which I made myself. :D All these quotes have been derived from my most innermost thoughts and inspired by life's circumstances. May you find something in here that you can relate and may help you facing life's uncertainties.-*-*-*

Prayers is the most powerful weapon of all time. It is the most inexpensive gift one cannot buy. A priceless gift that binds us to the one who gave us life. It is a beacon of light when darkness falls, it is a strong shield to keep you from harm, it is one's freedom that cannot be taken at all.

See,in all the pains you went through at the end of the road when you have found true happiness the pain is worth it, for you have realized that
happiness is more understood through pain ;)

Finding true happiness is being completely
honest to your self and others, loving others as you would like to be
loved, accepting your imperfections and make it as your strength;
forgive as you would like to be forgiven, be thankful of what you are
receiving and living life not just by the length but the essence of its width.

Regardless of life's uncertainties we can always look forward to a better tomorrow. Cheer up! Don't give up. If you do, there should be no if's nor buts just take in all the lessons that you will learn and it will be the strongest weapon you own :D

You can choose to learn, grow, accept, become the person you aspire, and to achieve the dreams of your life. Or you can choose to stagnate, to hesitate, and remain fearful and doubtful and live in mediocrity. You hold the key in the doors you choose to open, the direction to the road you will walk in and the life you w...ant to live in. You are responsible for your improvements and success as well as your frustrations.

Never allow anyone to criticize or judge you for they have no right to demand anything from you. As long as in your heart you hold serene integrity its all that matters for what you hold is true. You don't have to please anyone nor be someone your not for it only pleases their part but not the true beat of your heart.

Be hopeful in
times of trouble for no one can tell you what or not to do. You hold
the key to your life if ever you stumble or fall those are great
lessons you will learn. Avoid if's and but's enjoy the roller coaster
ride, for it comes once in a lifetime. Treasure the past, Live the
present and Look forward for the future.

iF people says something bAd ab0uT you, jUdgE you As if they kn0w you,dont get affected.. just think ab0ut this..
"The Dog d0eSnT bArk if hE kn0wS the peRs0n."

Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by chance or by means of luck.
Adversity, uncertainties, pain and confusions; without these small test, whatever they maybe, without these life is dull and utterly pointless. Faith, courage and hope; these are the most poignant and important ones. These is were we get our... strength to stand. There are no questions left unanswered we just need an open mind to know one.

Sometimes the best way to deal with sadness is to embrace it, feel it, and get over it.

Give yourself a lovely day.Look upon what gives you joy, Speak to those who warm your heart, & remember that each new day is a blessing from God.Gud m0rning! have a blessed day everyone' :)

Find solace within yourself not from anyone else, listen deeply to ur innermost voice, if u want to cry don't stop yourself. No strong man can withstand all ds trials w/out being weak, we can only comprehend courage & strength by going thru vulnerability & fears. Hold on steadfastly from deep within, today you can be weak &... accept the things you cant comprehend but tomorrow is another day, a day to restart & stand again.

Dont s¡MplY thAnk God dAt you hAve mUch wh¡lE 0thErs hAve l¡ttlE.ThAnk H¡m bEcaUse He hAs ch0sEn t0 blEss you & ¡n rEtUrn bE a blEss¡ng t0 0thErs. Have a blessed day everyone.

Hope is the power to overcome all stagnation, a break through in any obstacles, it transform barren wasteland into a verdant field, it dwells in our innermost being. Hardship make us strong, sorrows cultivate compassion; those who have suffered most will become the happiest. So, no matter what kind of difficult situation one may find oneself in, hope flows endlessly.

Each persons that comes into are lives plays an intricate part in are development & growth, whether they're there for a minute or many years. Challengers are the ones who build your strength of endurance, persistence, determination, character & integrity. Encourager are the one who keeps you going when you feel like giving up. Appreciate the people that come into your life & be careful to treat everyone with respect as their role helps to define the person u grow to be.

God stands by us when were tired. Guide us when we think of quitting. Inspires us when things are confusing. We may not always understand his wisdom but we must always trust his will. Have a Blessed and Meaningful Day Everyone! ;D

A positive frame of mind is important, if you can sustain yourself with regular challenges and honest self appraisal, the benefits are enormous.Think well of yourself. Change negative self-talk to positive self-encouragement. Do not let negative thinking destroy your life.

Being successful is never easy. It is a continuous voyage, and you have to move along. You can find difficulty in any phase of your life, but giving up is not a solution to get out of it. If the road to success is always under construction, then be a construction worker. :D

Learn to trust your voice within & know that everything in this life has a purpose.That even when circumstances comes your way this are not mistakes, not a coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before,how infinitely rich & beautiful life is in every way,& despite all the obstacles life may have;life is always beautiful come what may.

Faith in GOD soothes a troubled mind.
It Heals a broken heart.
It is a source of strength to a weary man.
"God Bless you" is such a powerful word.
It means "May the LORD with his gracious hand bless you
more than what you prayed for."
So, May The Lord GOD Bless you and all your love ones.
Have a Blessed day everyone. ",)

Stop worrying about the potholes in your journey but the great lessons you pick on your way ahead. Strength are well gained through sacrifices and pain; potholes should never be a hindrance to what we aim. :D

Never see obstacles as a hindrance but a source of lessons and strength. Storm may tumble as down but its not a reason to back down. Hold on steadfastly on your faith for no one said life's journey goes an easy way.

Most people believed that forgiving only benefits the offender. But the greatest hurdle we have to make in our process of forgiveness is to overcome the negative & self defeating thoughts & beliefs we hold within our minds. Blessed are those who ask for forgiveness as they humble themselves and those who forgive for they achieved solace.

I have wished to understand other peoples heart. To live life fair and just to others. Learned that Egocentric habits are first cobwebs, then it becomes cables. Realized that a loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-uttered words.

Your good heart shall tell U where 2 go; your sharp mind shall tell you how to get there; & y0ur deep L0vE for GOD shall guidE you on your way! Have a blessed day..

In life I have realized that GRUDGES should not hold any part of anyone's life. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be unhappy.So laugh whenever u can. Apologize when u shud.And let go of what u can't change. Smile even wen ur sad,learn from your mistakes.Things goes wrong but remember life goes on so live it well.

Sometimes when adversity & pain overides our life we tend to forget that in every tears we cry are blessings in disguise.

You see in order to rise higher, you’ve got to be determined.
There will always be trial that seems to discourage you.
It may not always be easy, often we get discouraged at the first sign of defeat.
You should realized that what seems to be the difficulty may really be a blessing in disguise.",)

We all commit mistakes, what matters most is how we deal with that
mistakes. Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it should be a constant
attitude. Our gifts usually come wrapped up in a challenge, so remember
to open them up, learn from them and share the value that you gain by growing through them.

Respect is well defined when even someone you differs with learn to respect you because you stand up to what is right and true not because you choose to take side to those who you concord with. Courage is defined when you humble yourself with integrity, you hold the strongest weapon to defend you in all adverity of life.

For You:
I wish you well on the things you do.
Though sometimes your being unfair too.
Could you please think with open heart and mind?!
Cause belittling others are not a good sign.
The essence of true friendship goes beyond the bond you made
It should be true and fair even to someone that differs.
But still I wish you well, for you to be just and fair :)

For every person who scorn you, criticized you, try twice as hard to prove
them wrong. The Golden Rule of Karma always prevails; what you don't
want others to do to you never inflict that to them too. Be JUST & FAIR if you want others to do the same to you!. Strive for integrity-being honest, untainted & true even when people are belittling you."

Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. To be just and fair as you want others to be to you. To Equally weigh things
before making a decision as not to vitiate other people too. Never be
iniquitous 'cause you won't want to be place in the same shoes..

Respect for others is a mirror to respect yourself, how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. Be considerate to others; for what you are, never ends but what you have, does; for peace and unity can be achieved by setting a good example than by being unfair and unjust.

Never give up on something that you can't
go a day without thinking about. Life is really short and instead of
being burdened by the heavy "should's" and "could have been's", perhaps it's really time to have the courage to take a risk and have a leap of faith. There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.

Don't waste your life in doubts and
fears: take a risk, have a leap of faith. Make every day to be the last
of a life surrounded with hopes, cares, happiness, love, pain, anger and fear; your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be.

‎Lessons learned from the past cannot be substituted by putting one foot in front of the other. Each moment is an opportunity to reveal a miracle so be kind to everyone you meet for they may be fighting a hard battle.

Yes, it's true: We can't control the wind or the rain or the other vagaries of weather. But we can tack our sails such that we can steer the course we desire for no one knows what he can do until he tries.

The difficulties we experience always illuminate the lessons we need most. Overcoming those difficulties makes life more meaningful and those lessons we learn will be our strength for the future.

Love can never be mandated, it can't be utterly define, it is vague, deep and mysterious. No matter how we question love, fathom love or elucidate love; love dwells inside us and unveil around us. So, be grateful if you have fallen in love though it may implicate pain, it is indubitably the most priceless, incomparable, sensational and flabbergast emotion.

It's a long road back from the darkest corner of despair but the journey is so much easier when you don't have to do it alone. Hold onto what you have and never let it go.It's when you give up that you lose and in fighting that you win.

Success is not measured by how many achievements you have in life. But by how you achieved lessons in your imperfections as you try to make things right. Success is not measured by the position you have in life but what marked you leaved in other peoples lives.

-*-*-*-Geezz I just realized I already have made lots of quotes. I'll post some more next time, this is for now. Hope you like it-*-*-*

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Tooth hell extraction

Yesterday, my husband and I went to our dentist to have a tooth extraction. I was the first one to be extracted and my dentist assessment is that my two upper molars needed to be extracted. The very naughty tooth seems doesn't want to be extracted 'cause it took 2 in half hours and 3x anesthesia for it to come off. The pain was excruciating even if there was already an anesthesia the dentist said the tooth seems to fight back and doesn't want to be extracted lol. Every time the dentist tries to pull it out it seems to shrink back deeper. Good thing it was extracted cause it has cause me a lot of pain. Next week we have to be back for my husbands prophylaxis and me to have a fitting for gosh its embarrassing but I have to...need to have a denture lol.

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My Favorite Book

A love unbreakable even by death. It is well written with amazing depth of characters and encouraging thoughts. "Veronica Decides to Die" is a fine and encouraging giving force book. It is written in excellent style and full of ironical metaphors. It is a realistic story about love for life in front of the death, calling to perceive every day as a miracle.

On the bank of Rio-Pjedra..." is the first of the novels of the trilogy "On the seventh day" which also consists of "Veronica decides to die" and "Devil and Senioritis Prim". All three novels tell us about one week from the life of the young women who suddenly found themselves before a call which is necessary to be replied immediately. Her life was changed forever when she met a childhood friend.

A story of unbreakable love despite all differences, time and circumstances. Unyielding love of mortal and immortal. A timeless love lives in two different world as one.

These two books made a huge impact and controversies worldwide. Yet, it cant be denied how brilliant is the mind of such world renowned author. Contrary to other speculations I somehow manage not to let this novel corrupted my faith and religious beliefs. I admire his creativity and courage to came up with such marvelous story line.

Miss reading new books its been a while since I did. Thought by this weekend I could spend some time at the book store. I have one author I miss reading his book right now NICHOLAS SPARK might buy "The Notebook". :D

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Favorite TV Program

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