Cd and Puregon

It's been a while since I posted here. So, here it goes...Last August 25 I celebrated my 28 birthday at TAGAYTAY, PHILIPPINES. My husband and I went there  to have sometime together which we already had planned for the longest time. After my birthday I was  so caught up with work and organizing my sister's application paper's going to dubai. Sept. 21 is my CD1 upto-Sept. 25. Today, I started my first puregon FSH 50 IU and this would be for 5 days. On Oct. 1 is my TVS for follicle monitoring. Again, I am hopeful but trying not to be for I know how hard and painful it is to fail again. I have spent quite some of money on this and though it is a financial burden we are trying to be optimistic. I don't want to hope and fail, wait and be dissapointed. I hate this feeling. Lord, take away all this doubts and fears.

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