Hand of Jesus

Ang Kamay ni Hesus or Hands of Jesus is one of the top Lenten destinations today here in the Philippines. Last April my husband and I together with our God Parents  came over to visit this place.  Here you can find the largest life-sized image of Jesus Christ on top of a mountain with his hand open wide.

Hundreds of thousands of people flock each year especially in Lenten Seasons during Good Friday and Easter Sunday to attend the mass and take the 300 steps of  the 14 stations of the cross and hills of holy rosary  to the holy mountain in Lucban Quezon until you reach the top and finishes the station of the cross.  One of  the century old religious tradition by Filipinos are what we call Bisita Iglesia or Visiting Churches.

We were very excited to visit this amazing place. One reason is that we wanted to pray and ask our Heavenly Father to bless us with a child of our own. It is one amazing healing place and rosary hill which we took the 300  steps until we reach the top of the mountain. Out of our amazement we got tongue tied and wasn't able to pray the rosary or the station of the cross. But as we saw each statues of the station of the cross we try to pray our own personal prayers and attended the mass after.

Please know that this are only few pictures I took and it doesn't necessarily elaborate all the stations of the cross or the correct sequence.

This is the gate to the pilgrimage. They call it Garden of Eden

When we went there they were building Noah's Arch.

The Last Supper 

First Step but my eager husband went for a quick leap to the reach the top while I gasp for air and sweating profusely; but each step was worth it seeing the beautiful scenery and absorbing the solemnity of the place.

A shot of the church around 30 steps going up.


One of the many statues on the way up of the hill which is based on the station of the cross.I think this one us when the soldiers captured Jesus Christ.
This one is the crowning of the thorns to Jesus Christ.

                                                                        Jesus Carrying the Cross.

When Jesus Stumbles down carrying the heavy cross. He took this sacrifices for our sins to be forgiven

                                                                                                                              Almost at the top. :)
    Mama Mary Queen & Mother of Heaven and Earth



Jesus being nailed in the cross.

Yes, We made it at the top. Every step is worth it to reach this solemn place. I would love to go back there as much as I could. I wanted to go to religious pilgrimage not just because I am asking for something but most of all to give homage and appreciate  what the LORD has sacrificed for us. Hoping that we could do it as much as we could. 

Here are some statues of the saints too.

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