My Favorite Book

A love unbreakable even by death. It is well written with amazing depth of characters and encouraging thoughts. "Veronica Decides to Die" is a fine and encouraging giving force book. It is written in excellent style and full of ironical metaphors. It is a realistic story about love for life in front of the death, calling to perceive every day as a miracle.

On the bank of Rio-Pjedra..." is the first of the novels of the trilogy "On the seventh day" which also consists of "Veronica decides to die" and "Devil and Senioritis Prim". All three novels tell us about one week from the life of the young women who suddenly found themselves before a call which is necessary to be replied immediately. Her life was changed forever when she met a childhood friend.

A story of unbreakable love despite all differences, time and circumstances. Unyielding love of mortal and immortal. A timeless love lives in two different world as one.

These two books made a huge impact and controversies worldwide. Yet, it cant be denied how brilliant is the mind of such world renowned author. Contrary to other speculations I somehow manage not to let this novel corrupted my faith and religious beliefs. I admire his creativity and courage to came up with such marvelous story line.

Miss reading new books its been a while since I did. Thought by this weekend I could spend some time at the book store. I have one author I miss reading his book right now NICHOLAS SPARK might buy "The Notebook". :D

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cynthia said...

ooh wee! I love Veronika Decides To Die! :) Have you seen the movie?
By the way, I'm a blogger too. I found your blog randomly. :) Have a nice day! :)

Iam veRONIque said...

Hey cynthia thanks for the comment..sadly haven't watch the movie?or should I say I forgot that there was a movie :D. Have a great day too.

Kelli said...

Love Nicholas Sparks! I've read every single one of his books. Right now I'm in the middle of Eat, Pray, Love...and I love it!

Iam veRONIque said...

Kelli, thanks for the book info i'll try to look for it here too. Have a great day.

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