Welcome to Our Friendship Little Angel !

Today, I am overwhelmed. I am happy yet I am a bit sad. A priceless and wonderful blessing was given to one of my dearest friend, a child. In her womb a miracle is growing sent from heaven above. Our friendship is bonded by faith and by faith we have been stronger, jubilant and better. Yhaz, Cat and Cha you three has always been there supporting me closely to pray for what I have been waiting and longing for. I could never be so thankful enough to have been bless with friends who love me and my husband dearly. The prayers we have shared together has made us strong for each other. Everyday, I always look forward to somehow talk or even just see a glimpse of you to make my day worthwhile. Now, that a precious angel is given to our friend I am delighted and exultant that our friendship will be bonded by this little blessing.

Yhaz, treasure this priceless blessings sent from above and rest assured that we will always be by your side. I for one would never allow anyone to hurt both of you and regardless of what people may think and say I'm proud to be part of your life. Thank you for sharing me this wonderful blessing you have right now, for making me a part of both of you. Each day I would always pray that everything will be alright between you and your family. Don't be afraid of the things that may come for I know GOD will never leave your side and we will always be here to guide you all through the way.

Our journey is just starting and I know this journey will be amazing, meaningful and fruitful. Thank you my friends for keeping me sane and insane. :D Thank you for welcoming me in your life. Welcome to our friendship our precious angel. WE all Love you.

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BHENG said...

Friend, we will always be here for you no matter what... Our friendship is one of the greatest blessings I have received from Heavenly Father. I valued our special and precious friendship as much as I value my family. Memories will never be forgotten because it rooted deep in my heart and I know that it'll stay here forever.

Whatever gonna be our individual destiny, always bear in mind and heart that I do love friend!

Iam veRONIque said...

Life is more meaningful when I met the three of you. Each day seems perfectly in place when you are around. The friendship we have will forever remain unbreakable.

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