I Love You that no words can fully explains.
Nor others wont even fathom this emotion I gain.
All I know is You are my life and nothing else matters.
My love for you is deeper and clearer like the oceans water.

The morning kisses and sweet good nights.
Or the great big hug and swing of laughter's flight.
The cuddles and tickles; the silly jokes and corny looks.
Makes the most precious days of my life.

I see you running over the court in half time.
Makes these heart beats faster like am running out of time.
When you make your famous move I shouts with pride.
Brings me to stand up on my bench and all smiles wide.

I couldn't imagine life without you by my side.
Nor wants to change anything that happened in my life.
For whatever life has given me, may it be afflictions or confusions.
It only brings down to my conclusion, that life itself is YOU.

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