Wrong way!

PERIOD! I have no choice but to accept that your here despite being delayed for 15 days and trying hard not to hope for nothing again. I knew that you would come, you always do and I hate you for doing so. Seems that I am getting used to the fact that your always or you wouldn't come at all. Though even if you didn't come I know I shouldn't hope for something good to happen 'cause you always ruin everything I dream. Don't you have anything good to offer me?! Everyday the burden I carry is getting heavier and pain slowly inflicts deeply in my innermost being. As I lay down in my bed looking at my sleeping, loving husband tears slowly flows in my eyes praying that I could give him a child. My heart bleeds every time I look at him longing and hoping for his own child. Period, what have you done to my life? Would you care to be a balance in my life?!Your going in a wrong way and your destroying my life!

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MK said...

Thanks for following me! :)
Good luck to you with all this infertility garbage. It's so hard to have hope month after month.
Hopefully both of us will have little ones someday.

Iam veRONIque said...

Thank you for following me too. I get inspired when people understand and leave their comments here somehow I don't feel alone. I will be including you in my prayers. Though indeed it is hard hoping month after month knowing that there are people who encourage me not to lose hope then I will not be defeated and so do you. Have a blessed day :D

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