My Favorite Song

Thank God I found You by Mariah Carey. This song perfectly describes what I feel for my dear husband. He has saved my lost soul who was crying in the dark, when I felt the world has forsaken me he was there beside me. He has brought a great sense of meaning in my life. Looking back as he always says that he could never forget the time when we first broke up " if we are meant to be, destiny will look for a way and we will be together forever" Indeed, destiny and faith has brought us back together. I dream for a man to love me and make me feel the sense of belonging. A man who would give me the love that was deprived from me. After all the heartaches and being lost I was bless with a man I dream of and more. Yes, I would give up everything and gave anything for a man who has given me a reason to live. As we journey together to have our own child I am thankful that he never lose hope and very optimistic in winning this battle. Honestly, I am scared that I may not give him a complete family, a child of his own; that he may leave me. But then again if GOD has bless me with a good man like him I know he will bless us with an angel that will complete this family. Thank God he brought him back again to me.

For All of My Life. It may seems funny to know that we feel in love in this song in a videoke bar. But yes we found the song or the song found us. When we sing or hear this song no matter how far we may be our eyes would met, a smile in our face and the sweet word of I love You is what we do.

Then a song from our local artist "You are the One". They say I look and act like the artist of the song and when we both heard her sing this song just like a snap we look at each other and we knew that the song capture our hearts. Hope you enjoy this too.

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