What is friendship?

In this selfish world everyone wants to have true friends. True friendship is measured not by the amount of time and physical connection but by acceptance of one persons personality without any exceptions. A true friend is the one with whom you can share your strength and weakness without being judge. Your can share your achievements and failure without hesitations. One that would never let you feel worthless, no false accusations, bitterness and being emulous.

You should never bad mouth about a friend though it is good to be honest but at the same time it is also important to make him know about his weak points and in return that friend should be able to listen and comprehend that you only meant good intentions. Never allow them to violate your morals and principles. Never try to change your friend, accept them just the way they are, though you can always improve them. Criticizing in good way is acceptable, but condemn should be avoided.

We can't avoid times were we have arguments, contradictions and feelings might have been hurt. Yet, with these set of emotions and journey we should always have an open heart and an open mind. It is better to humble yourself and listen with a good heart than capitulate in hatred. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong for as long as you understand the truth of the circumstances you were in and lessons are learned. To find a faithful and trusted friend finds priceless treasure.

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