Missing my Grandparents

I was looking through some photographs of friends back home and can't help recall some memories of the past. Growing up with my grandparents made me realized the importance of time. Precious time with my grandparents was stolen from me. Losing them was the most devastating time of my life; having neglected time of showing and telling them how much they mean to me has placed a hole in my heart. There are tons and tons of questions in my mind, questions that I have come to understand its conclusions and some still meant devastation. I should have shown them more and told them how much they mean to me; that I am so thankful for taking care of me despite all conflicts and afflictions. They stood by me even at my most craziest time, loved me unconditionally and fought for me. After they die I told my self that I would try my best not to reminisce the times we spent together merely because everytime I think of them seems like tears are falling endlessly. The pain I went through losing them and being not able to show them how grateful I am to all the sacrifices they've done for me makes my heart bleed profusely. Now, I can't help but reminisce and have a wishful thinking that if they were alive I would have shown them all my love and gratitude to all the things they have done for me.

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bheng said...

A loss is always painful. Sometimes we need to feel the pain of loss to fully appreciate the beauty of what we had.

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