Faith and Writing

I feel in love again in updating and writing in my blog; seems like I have missed a lot of opportunity talking to an old friend who never criticizes or judge me. Having been so busy at work and too many other activities, my mind was exhausted to extract its juices to write. Today is Black Saturday of the Lenten season and I was very enthusiastic in listening to praised and worshiped songs that will enlighten my spirits. For the past years I have come to be more religious; as I grow old I have been so eager and passionate to be a good christian. As these new adventure of waiting for a child begins I have been trying my best and hardest to pray to Our Dear Heavenly Father. I am fortunate that at my age I have come to realized the real value and how powerful a prayer could be. I can say that I am proud of myself for being optimistic and has become wiser as HE guide me through my life.

Though there are times that I feel dishearten and anger overpowers me; at the end of the day there are voices inside me pushing me to believed and trust in HIS will. My good friend Cathy rekindle my spirit and opened my sleeping love in writing and going to church. She and Yhaz has been a great influence in uplifting my spirits when I am feeling down and as we continue our church and spiritual adventures, our friendship is tightly bonded by our faith in HIM. There are too many things that is flowing out of my mind that I can hardly keep up and write. I am so very inspired to write all the things these heart and mind keep pushing me. I have come to learned that the best teacher in writing is pure untainted emotions and by keeping it real and true nothing could go wrong.

We are only humans capable of all mistakes, overwhelming emotions,happiness, pains conflicts and confusion. There are times that adverse emotions overpower us, we tend to be more emotional and attached to these emotions were we tend to forget all the good things that happened. Isn't it true that when we cry it brings all out the negative feeling we feel which seems to be never ending? But when we are happy it only brings out the best in us in a short manner of time? Why is this so? I could never have the full answer yet I realized that in pain we manage to be more attentive and vigilant in all our decision making. That having been through rough roads and twist of ups and downs at the end of that are lessons that are more valuable each day of our lives. Lessons that will be our shield and strength in all the adversity we may face in life.

Often times we manage to get through the day so fast that at the end of that we haven't realized what great blessings and accomplishment we have done. We go to bed unaware of all the great information and priceless lesson we have encounter. Why? because we forget to be conscientious in little things that matters most. Like the smile of a friend who lightens up your day, to an angel who woke you up so you wouldn't be late or to someone dear who listens to your pains. When are weary and dour; we complain, moan with anticipation and anger subjugate our whole being. Take time to breath and be silent for in solace and prayer we understand all the good reasons why things happens. Open your heart to the LORD and asked HIM for guidance and enlightenment. For in every step you make He will never leave your way. All the worries and pain you carry cast them all in him, let his will be done and your path is in the way to righteousness.

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