Hmm. my conscience- Catherine!!!!

I saw here coming down the stairs while I on the other hand is eating burger and fries. She apprehended me how stubborn I am to eat fast foods when she already have reminded me to eat healthy foods to aid my fertilization. I am trying to eat healthy, think wisely, positively and desist away from stressful, negative thoughts. Hmmm.. It is easy said than done. I am thankful for her thoughtfulness and very caring actions towards my journey on longing to have a child of my own. She is doing her best to keep me more optimistic each day that soon I will have my own child. But its hard, it's getting harder each day. How could I live my life without a child? I couldn't! I am 27 they say I'm still young and there are a lot of time for us to try until it'll be given. Yet, you can't deny the fact that the more it hasn't been done, the longer the pain lingers. She is my conscience and I am thankful for her, for always being a good listener, a robust-optimistic thinker and indulgent friend.

My heart bleeds, it longs and ache for an angel to complete our life. I feel incomplete, erratic and feckless. Last night as I was surfing the net I came across a panel for woman who have underwent HSG a procedure to check if you have a blockage in your fallopian tube. A lot of them is trying and longing to have a child, some have went to a lot of procedure just to have one but with no success. As I go on reading I learned that if one has a blocked fallopian tube(a lot of medical terms and conditions may vary) most of them needed procedure to correct it, sadly some aren't that successful. This made me scared, depress, lonely and slowly losing hope. My husband kept me of the cliff of depression, giving me positive outlook in life. Still, my heart bleeds and cry for a child.

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ladycat said...

Friend, there are things in life that the only thing we can do is to be optimistic in spite of the unwanted things that happen in our lives in order for us to survive. It is always easier said than done. My heart goes out on you because I know exactly how you feel and how your heart cries for an angel. Sometimes it’s so unfair how our life revolves, we think we are left unloved by God but we should always remember that God loves us with a love that we as humans can never fully understand. Luke 12:27-32 tells us that God knows what we need. It is his pleasure to give us the kingdom. We should have put our trust in Him and wait for our turn. Always keep in mind that nothing is impossible with God and miracle do happens. So don’t ever give up and let the light of hope keep burning in your heart.

And one more thing, just follow your physician’s DO’s and DON’Ts advice because it is for your own good. The key word for this is DISCIPLINE. You are matured enough to do what is good and what is bad for your health.

Father GOD

Creator of us all, only You know how much they want children. Please, please bless them with a child; a child to lavish their love on and care for in so many ways. It is their dream and we pray to you with an aching heart.

Give them the patience to support each other in their sorrow and may this pain bring them together in the grace of their marriage. Bless them with ability to see more clearly where You are calling them to serve in this time of their life. Be with them, heal them and let them feel your love and blessing in their marriage.

Lord, lead and guide them into the path that You have planned for them. And help them to always put YOU first in their lives. To be a living example before this child that YOU place in their care.

In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen

Iam veRONIque said...

wow naman friend I am so deeply overwhelmed with joy sa prayer na ginawa mo :) thank you so much talaga. For always keeping me high in my pedal. mwahhhhh

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