For Cat, Jaz, Joi

Though we’ve only known each other in a while.
Undoubtedly I look forward each day of our life.
To share our lifetimes voyage and endeavors.
Each step I walk with you is tremendously worthwhile.

The veracity of this relationship is beyond compare.
At times when you were down I was there.
Now that I am lost you are there all along.
To assure that though I am lonely I am never alone.

A friend who empathize my blemish and vigor.
Further than my minds imagination.
A stronghold foundation of my emotions.
Thank you for the love and affection.

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ladycat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ladycat said...

It takes a lot of understanding, time and trust to gain a close friendship with someone. As I approach a time of my life of complete uncertainty, my friends are my most precious asset and you're one of them.

Thank you so much for the friendship and for touching our lives. We're looking forward for a much deeper and meaningful friendship with you through thick and thin as time passes by.

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