I love thee to the depth, the breadth and height my soul can reach..
I love thee for the pulse of valor you encapsulate within me..
I love thee immeasurably and infinitely beyond words can unfold..
I love thee for loving me like a perfect fairy tale story the world can ever be told..

 We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in a simple but blissful way. Like any other couple we were so excited to celebrate our anniversary that it made me wake up at  4AM in the morning with only 3 hours of sleep. The supposed plan was to go to subic for 2-3 days enjoying Oceans Adenture Subic and zoobic but unfortunately due to his schedule for the inter hospital basketball league and insufficient time/budget  we opt to just celebrate it with what we can afford. At 7 in the morning we are already at St. Pio Church Libis to start our day with a mass but was told that it would start at 10 am. Both of us had time to pray soulfully and more time to see the full beauty of the church. There were many testimonials of miracles on the wall and it give me a new sense of hope that one day what we are praying will be granted and I too can post my testimonial in that wall. See, it's been 2 years now that we are married but still isn't bless with a child of our own. As much as we could we always try to think optimistically. But of course often times we would ask ourselves why and when?! Nonetheless, we know in our hearts that with patience and faith it will be granted. The mass ended at 11 am and we were there for almost 4 hours but it is all worth it. After which, we went to Eastwood City to eat our lunch and to enjoy the beauty of the place. Funny but both of us are beginning to be sleepy while we were roaming around the malls. There were  few people at Eastwood most of them are busy watching the pay preview of Pacquiao and Margarito fight inside the resto's and cinemas. Then we decided to go to Trinoma Mall to hang around and look for a nice nike slipper that he wanted. By the way we had insufficient time and money to push through our plans to subic so I decided to buy him an installment ipad4 which I know will make him ecstatic. My husband loves music and video games; I pity his cellphone for he seems to play the music anywhere and whatever he maybe doing that it seems to deteriorate everyday. The joy in his eyes and lips can't be hidden when I gave it to him or should I say told him that I am going to buy that for him at that very moment. Though I said that we have insufficient budget the i pad 4 I bought was for 12 months installment so it has given me some time to save money. ;) He was supposed to buy me a watch but the one I wanted was already been brought so I told him I'd just wait for the new arrivals maybe next month so inclined with the Christmas bonus. ;) Our celebration wasn't extravagant or out of the ordinary but celebrating love doesn't need to be expensive and glamorous all it needs is a strong foundation of trust, respect and understanding. Looking forward to many years of celebration till our life is through and even through forever.

My Quintessence, My Life, My Love!

With you I have found the quintessence of love and life,

In your arms I found my comfort and peace.

You alone is my reason to live,

and my life to you I will give.

All the love the world could ever know,

Is embodied within your soul.

How could I ever thank thee,

For loving me so unconditionally!

If I could have a wish that never fades,

I would wish to wake up everyday

to the sound of your breath on my neck,

and the warmth of your embrace.

The cobweb of love we have,

Strengthen by the test and challenges.

Could never be annihilate,

For it is clothe with our faith in God's grace.

Thank you for teaching me the quintessence of love and life,

I have found in you the truth in every lies.

I LOVE YOU more as the day goes by.

For you are the air that keeps me alive.
 *******Fertility Update********
Currently on a night shift, 4 days delayed but not hoping or should I say trying not to think of it at all, will be saving money for our first IUI next year and no medications taken. :( geeezzzz!

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