Just an Update

I started taking Clomid on Sept. 21-25 with less hope and expectations. A choice I made myself trying to obliterate all the skeptical notions going on my mind and just doing my best to follow the doctors advised.

Sept. 26-30, I was injected with Puregon 50 iu for 5 days which gave me a hell of financial problem for it is so expensive.Oct.1, I went for my Ultrasound for follicle monitoring and was both enthusiastic and anxious. I was apprehensive to know if I failed again or maybe it has worsen. Fortunately, I have 6 mature follicle that is possible for fertilization I felt phlegmatic and didn't know why. I went to my RE and was injected with Pregnyl  for the egg to be fertilized, was advised to have natural intercourse 24-48 hours after that. Funny it may seems but my Hubby and I realized how hard it is to do it with the pressure that we must. But we did try our best and now the 2 weeks hard and stressful waiting starts. Should I hope?! Nope, I'll just PRAY.

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