One needs to be alone for a while, when things are vague and ambivalent. There are times that unspoken words are better comforter to an aching heart, this is were we learn to understand why things happens. Silence is serene when your alone, when you want to cry, when you want to be free. You can see the pain as an opportunity to build a better you. You, only You could understand the pain your going through and no one can force you what to feel and to tell you what to do. Should they tell you, you could never pull through hold on to your faith and a light will illuminate within you. Alone, I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. Alone I see beauty beyond eyes could see and words can unravel. All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone. It is in being alone that we can see beyond what pain conveys and sets in our mind, that pain in inevitable but perseverance and faith makes us strong. I' am alone but I am not lonely. I feel solace and appeasement, I can contemplate and be free. I have realized that joy and sorrow are inseparable but believes that in courage you can always win.

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ladycat said...

Yes, being alone is not being lonely. It is your quiet time in which you can contemplate and reflect on things that bothers you. It helps you to recognize what is right and wrong. It is the best way of rejuvenating and reinventing yourself for the better you. And it is the best time of talking to God.

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